Royal Kidz

About the company

Royal Kidz is a pre and primary school franchise started in Chandan Nagar, Pune. They have branches in Wagholi, Kesnand Road, and Bakori Road. The brand has established a firm foothold in its industry. Their belief is that parent satisfaction is as important as their products and services.


Although being a prominent name in the preschool industry, the pandemic had a great effect on the business as no students were attending the classes. Our main objective was to work on lead generation by building their social media presence.


In our 3 month partnership, we were able to make the following changes:

  1. We were able to generate leads of up to 500+
  2. Gaining 90,000 impressions
  3. An online PAN India presence of 390+ students
  4. A reach of 50,000
  5. We were also able to reduce the cost per lead from 350 rupees down to 40 rupees
  6. Increased the ROI by 5x

The Solution

  • We approached families and showcased the brand as affordable and reliable, enough for the parents to gain a sense of trust and comfort.
  • While managing their social media handles, we constantly tried to update the audience with new educational information.
  • As the business was being managed during the pandemic, we also made sure to post positive content to engage and communicate with the audience.
  • Free parent workshops were also held to assure them about the school and its functioning.

Services Deployed

  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation