Paw La Land

About the company

Paw La Land is a Delhi-based company that sells trusted and branded pet products and accessories in India.


Since Paw La Land was a new and upcoming company, it was up to us to build a sense of trust and reliability among their customers. Their products were targeted towards a niche market of individuals who preferred various products and accessories for their pets.


In our 3 month partnership, we were able to make the following changes:

  1. Generate 3,000+ website visitors
  2. 60+ website purchases
  3. 1,65,000 impressions
  4. A reach of about 1,15,000
  5. Enabled an ROI of 3x

The Solution

  • We were tasked with conducting their Diwali campaign.
  • We pushed the idea of considering pets as a part of your family thus purchasing their products to support that ideology.
  • Additionally, we included the ‘Make in India’ campaign to showcase their products.

Services Deployed

  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Management
  • Google Ad Campaigns