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Top 2022 Digital Marketing Trends for Hospitality and Travel Industry

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After a tiring tour, need a halt at a relaxing hotel nearby? Or satiate your food cravings immediately and search for a great restaurant? Or want to make a prudent itinerary to not mess up your holidays? Go online in the middle of the lonely road or during the office lunch break or discuss with your trekking buddies. You will certainly tap on the place right in front of your eyes, the most attractive looking hotel, check its website, reviews, place, and price and then go for booking.

This smart and quick attitude of the tech-savvy generation generates revenue for hospitality and tourism businesses from online sales by 70%. Credits to digital social networks that have become handy and 24 x 7 guides for the hospitality and travel industry. Unlike before, tourists are confidently dependent on digital media.

The hotel business must question itself if it is one of the digitally popular ones on the list of many and if it can grab the attention of the hotel hunters. In this competitive world with multiple online business attention seekers, have you grabbed the attention? If yes, how sure are you that the attention is going to be forever without a break?

A constant and sound digital marketing strategy for hospitality and tourism agencies’ success is to make it VISIBLE online.

You must optimize your business so that customers can unlock ONLY YOUR accommodation online when they have multiple keys to multiple accommodations. Walk with the Weblytiks tour guide on digital marketing strategies to increase the number of Online bookings.

8 Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

1. Let your website shine professionally:

In this impatient digital world, the first impression, that is the look and function of your hotel and tourism website will either sustain the net surfers or invoke disinterest from your website and move to your competitor. A professional website doesn’t mean it must look like a serious business. It can look funky. However, there must be no glitch in the site, must not be slow or difficult to understand, less or not necessary information.

Opt for professional digital marketing agencies like Weblytiks to enjoy more business leads.

2. Flaunt your USPs:

If your hotel and tourism industry has it, why not show it? Highlight the important and/or attractive features of your business. Prove the net surfer that your hotel is beautifully unique from the rest. Throw light on the hotel’s ambiance, unique facilities, basic needs, location, entertainment, comfort, etc. Communicate your care, concern, and hospitality right from your website. Build your trust while building your hotel website.

3. Make a user-friendly website for all devices:

We must consider mobile phone users, laptops, tabs, or any other device users. Do not neglect any. This is because one lead creates word of mouth for many forming a lead-generating chain. The website must be functional on all devices, especially smartphones as people go for online bookings through smartphones more, while multitasking. The orientation of the website should not be disturbed irrespective of the user’s device. Find an ideal site developer for smooth bookings and payments.

4. Be viral and busy on Social media:

Weblytiks believes in not only building but also maintaining social media presence by optimizing your website and being the most popular animal on social media. Everywhere your hotel and just your hotel. This creates Brand awareness and your hotel is used as an example. Like FedEx, Pepsi, Lays, and Maggi, the brands are often used by people during conversations. For example, FedEx this outfit is uttered by people instead of courier this outfit. The brand has induced the habit in such a way that they represent the action in the name of the brand. Reach out to the eyes of those billions of social media users. Attract them to an extent that they book your services. Fly and sit on the top of all social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Reddit. Personalise your customers and maintain a close relationship with the current customers to sustain them. Make your website rich with visual content.

5. Value your Customers’ feedback:

Send feedback forms to your customers through any means or links and acknowledge them. This will make customers feel valued. Accumulate good reviews and post them on travel sites, and social media, showing your gratitude.

6. Rank high with SEO-friendly content:

Weblytiks gives high importance to posting engrossing content that is highly optimized. Adhere to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and climb above the search engine page. This digital marketing strategy will make your hotel visible because of the most searched keywords and phrases like hotels near me, all-inclusive hotels, etc., and use them in meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt text on images. Weblykits is one of the best SEO company in Pune, With over 4+ years of experience providing search engine optimization services at an affordable cost to small and medium-sized businesses across the globe.

7. Personalise and value others:

Customers and their experiences must be valued. Show the customers that Your service is customer-centric and that you don’t ignore their feedback. You take them seriously, value them and work towards it. Giving appropriate responses to their good or bad feedback as replies to their messages or comments builds business and customers’ trustworthy relationships and brand loyalty. They understand that the business isn’t robotic. They believe that businesses will respond whenever they have complaints or feedback. For example, Ola responds to the customers’ complaints, investigates the complaints lodged, and refunds the amount.

8. Be visible in metasearch engines:

Let your hotel’s information be displayed in search engines like Google, Travel Advisor, and many others. Be one of the options for the people who search for hotels and check review data, pricing information, and compare with other hotels. The motive is to generate leads by being visible as much as possible.

Still, do you feel today’s hotel and tourism industry can boom without digital marketing strategies? Certainly not. Be the face of social media and grow your hotel business with digital marketing tools.



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