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6 Emerging Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020

Marketing has greatly evolved in the last decade than it has ever before and the rapid progress does not show any signs of slowing down. Let us check out some Digital Marketing Trends in 2020.

As Summers gradually withers paving way for monsoon, Digital Marketing is witnessing a dramatic shift with its varied composition of SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Social Channels, and the big league Content Marketing driving them all. There may have been a time when we could have dismissed artificial intelligence [AI] or visual search from any latest revelation, but that time is long gone. AI is now significant in every aspect of digital marketing and in an integral part of most of the trends.

The one big thing that has happened in the last few years is the digital world has become very crowded.
For a fact; there is about one website for every six people on the entire planet! Therefore, to stay competitive, a well formulated strategic approach shall enhance your Brand’s overall outlook giving it an upper edge from the competitors!

1. Focus on your brand

As the industry is becoming more competitive, people are making decisions either based on brand or on the price.
Engaging Content, Voice Search, Optimized Websites & Mobile Application Software’s have been an immense boom in Technology to cater to the Brand Image and its reflection. Check out what type of Content works for you.

2. Videos and Podcasts

The web is shifting from written content to videos and podcasts which you may have noticed yourself.
There is a lot of content out there with millions of blogs. Nearly every website has a written blog and as mentioned earlier, there is one website for every four people in the entire world.

With the fast-paced life on fingertips, there has been a lack of reading from Books as compared to that of online briefs or a world of Kindle! In such a scenario, Videos are easier to watch, whether be at work or on vacation; even just by merely listening you can get updated with the trending relevant information without having to necessarily watch it.

3. Use Facebook Live for ads

With the rising number of people running ads for selling, very few realize the importance of increasing their brand awareness, not just focus on sales.

We believe that one should focus on your brand and get people to know you, like you, trust you and connect with you. Moreover, publishing live videos on Facebook can promote your business by transforming them into paid advertising and using Facebook + Instagram to expand your reach.

Check out 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers

4. Sales Funnels are shorter

Sales funnels are also changing, becoming shorter, more to the point. Including a free download and an email sequence does not really work very well anymore because there are many people using those techniques.

We help you start looking at how to convert a prospect into a customer much faster. Think about promoting your freebies and immediately trying to convert those prospects.

5. Online Reputation Management

The preferences + buying decisions of people depend largely on the search result. Before buying any product, people look up for it online to know more about the brand and its benefits. If they find a negative review about a brand,
Optimistic testimonials + good content is beneficial for the business in the long run by using ORM method. We are able to eliminate the negative content online and enhance your image/organization concerning Google Ranking.

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6. Focus on customer experience

Our last advice is to review your customer experience. The way you treat your customers, and what their experience with you is at every single touch point remains crucial. From the moment they can find you online and land on your website or your social channels.

Think about their experience when they subscribe to your emails and especially when contacted your customer service support.

And just as above, we never forget that Customer is the King and the King is always Right 😉



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