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How Much Should You Be Spending on Marketing?

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We’ve always come across businesses may they be start-ups or age-old brands being confused about how much should they spend on their Digital Marketing campaign.

Well here’s the catch! All you need to understand is your holistic needs and answer these few questions;

– What is your brand niche?

– What is the product/service you offer?

– Are you looking for a local reach or global one, depending on your product? and, most importantly, What is Your Budget?

If you’re a decision-maker who has thought of this question and wondered about a digital marketing budget, please take the time to figure out your marketing budget for the year and then figure out the role you want digital marketing to play in the entire sales process.

Digital marketing can cater to a lot of objectives – awareness, traffic to your website, leads, digital footfalls. When starting with your digital marketing journey, it helps to be clear and ready with your marketing objectives. This makes it easier for you and your Digital Marketing associate to draft an exclusive proposal & and create a clear buyer persona for your brand.
Being a technology-driven world, you may find cheap to the costly price structure and it entirely depends on what you choose.
Consider setting a rational digital marketing budget.
There are plenty of constituents that may impact the cost of digital marketing like the size of your business and the type of business as mentioned.

Some researched statistics have stated & observed that the average amount of cost a small to medium business could invest in it’s Digital Marketing could range anywhere between 5 to 12 percent of their total revenue or more totally depending on the services to acquire.

Talking about the product, right from SMM – Social Media Marketing to Developing an SEO for your Website, where is it that you wish to put your focus depending on your clientele.
For instance, does your business require a platform on Facebook? Does it require a Website? and even while talking about a website, what kind of website do you need?

Does a single page feature website work for you or do you wish to create an e-commerce site? This is where all of the detailing goes when you talk about your Digital product & it’s costing!
The stronger or rather would we say the more diverse the marketing to more Digital footfalls your brand is bound to gain!

Confused? Don’t worry at all! We got you on this, let’s connect over a cup of coffee, Oops! We mean a virtual meet until social distancing & have a free consultation set up for you!

Join us and together, Let’s Shout Loud Digitally!



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