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3 Best Advertising Jingles By Brands That Won Hearts

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Living in India, over the years we’ve grooved on so many Bollywood numbers. Bollywood songs are not only an integral part of our lives but also an important part of our Antakshari sessions.

However, we cannot deny the fact that it’s not the only Bollywood who’s making snappy and melodious tunes. We must give credit where it’s due, the advertising world has also been coming up with so many amazing original tunes. And some of them have an everlasting impact on us. And we all have at least one of them in our playlists.
Be it“Ye Dil Maange More ” tune for Pepsi or Airtel’s signature tune, we all loved these tunes, ever since they were aired on TV. Don’t we all still remember our favorite advertising jingles?

Check out these 3 wonderful renditions from the advertising world.

Amul markets a wide scope of items including milk powders, milk, ghee, chocolate, Shrikhand, Gulab Jamun, dessert, cream, and others making it the biggest sustenance brand in India with a yearly turnover in the abundance of US $1 billion (2006-07).

Their Ad on Aagey Badhta Hai India had a brilliant reaction from the group of spectators. It essentially talked about how their Milk is viewed as a family item with an infectious tune related to it. It has nearly 2 Million perspectives on YouTube.

Who doesn’t like this ad by Cadbury? 

When it comes to Cadbury, they always make quality stories for their ad campaigns. This one has more than 8 million views on their official page. The launch of the new thematic TVC comes in at the time when the brand is going all out to amplify joy on Valentine’s Day, with the ‘Say It With Silk’. And this campaign was released in 2016. Conceptualized beautifully by Oglivy, taking cognizance of how well their features resonate with special occasions.

Nirma “Soundarya Sabun Nirma” 1990

“Soundarya Sabun Nirma” sounds really cliched now, but back in the 1990s, it was one of the most influential ads. Nirma beauty soap featuring Sonali Bendre at the age of 22 for “Tum Husn Pari Tum Jaane Jahan” Song is from a TV commercial advertisement. Sonali Bendre looked astonishing than ever and the picturesque locations, Zebras, Lions, and cubs all of them added to lead Nirma’s sales right out of the roof overnight. It was a beautiful ad, right background score coupled and Sonali Bindre- the cherry on top. 


Over the years Jingles have played a vital role in a brand’s success, and it still does. An ad’s beautiful melodies, jingles, and concept are what makes the audience go awe! 

If you agree with us let us know what you think about these ads in the comment section below.

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